Oxytocin The Hormone of Love

By now, most of us know oxytocin is one of those delightful, feel-good chemicals our bodies naturally produce. Along with enhancing uterine contractions for birth it supports the euphoric feeling of love, love making, and fundamental delight. It’s part of the glue of bonding and helps our relationships stay connected when the going gets tough. Sometimes the day to day grind takes over and we can lose touch with our heart connection perhaps miss the simple joys of the moment. Take heart! Here are some easy, nearly effortless ways to boost oxytocin levels and enhance your loving bonds.

  • regular eye contact with your loved ones–When done with a sense of connection or benevolence oxytocin levels increase
  • sharing a meal–Sit across from one another at the dinner table so you can share eye contact
  • pet an animal friend
  • kind touch, a soothing voice
  • cry–Allow those tears to flow because suppressing emotions also suppresses the “feel good” biochemistry
  • give–Offering a compliment, a kind word, supporting another also increases oxytocin
  • do something you enjoy–Children come into life knowing this. It could be painting, sewing, gardening… anything that you enjoy brings more joy
  • laugh

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