Being afraid of giving birth connected to how one was born

01 February 2023

On 9 January 2023, Charisse presented the results of her research on connections between being afraid of giving birth and how one was born. This talk was given through APPAH (Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health) and is available through this link. The link takes you to the...

Pre and perinatal psychology comes to Taiwan

01 February 2023

Charisse will be in Taiwan 10 Feb - 21 March 2023 offering workshops for Integrating Early Imprints (aka “womb surrounds”) and presentations that are open to the public. For information contact Milahn Yu: The training begins in October 2023.

Workshops scheduled for February and July 2021

20 December 2020

Plans are forming for workshop offerings in 2021. The first workshop will take place online, with Mary Jackson in February. You will find a brochure and application elsewhere on the website. Contact Charisse if you wish further details. In the summer, two workshops are planned, one in France, followed by...

August through October 2019 events

08 August 2019

Lots of events taking place in the coming months of August and September. Those include 21-25 August: Supporting home birth midwives, Fairbanks Alaska 5 September: Supporting volunteers in Nurture Parents, Dundee, Scotland 28 September – 2 October: Early Imprints Workshop with home birth midwife, Mary Jackson in Anstruther, Scotland has...

Induction Medications Can Decrease Successful Breastfeeding

04 August 2019

Synthetic oxytocin is commonly given to women to begin labour, enhance uterine contractions and/or to speed up the birth process. In 2017, K Cadwell, et. al, observed several negative effects of its use on breast feeding. Synthetic oxytocin decreases natural oxytocin in both mothers and babies. Natural oxytocin is a...

Oxytocin The Hormone of Love

01 August 2019

By now, most of us know oxytocin is one of those delightful, feel-good chemicals our bodies naturally produce. Along with enhancing uterine contractions for birth it supports the euphoric feeling of love, love making, and fundamental delight. It’s part of the glue of bonding and helps our relationships stay connected...

Welcome to Early Imprints website

07 January 2019

Having had a Wordpress website for the past ten years, I have moved camp to this site. My intention for this site is to keep you informed of developments in the world of bonding and attachment. I will also update the site with dates of training and workshop opportunities. In...